ADAA Recycling Challenge Fundraiser: Donate Your Used iPhones, iPods, iPads, and Blackberrys

We are running an electronic recycling fundraiser for ADAA. You can donate  your personal iPhones, iPods, Blackberrys and iPads.

2 Easy Steps
1. Check below to see how much each device is worth
2. Place device inside designated box at the conference


What if my device isn’t on the price sheet?
We also accept eReaders, Samsung, LG and Android devices. If your device does not appear on the price sheet and you would like a quote on a specific item please reach out to us at [email protected] Just remember to put “Recycle Challenge” in the subject line of the e-mail. Even if your device does not have any value Revivn will recycle it responsibly free of cost as long as it fits in the envelope.

What if I have multiple devices?
The more the merrier. Please bring as many devices on the list as possible to increase the amount being donated.

Apple iPhoneWorkingBroken
iPhone 2G Original 4GB$1$0
iPhone 2G Original 8GB$1$0
iPhone 2G Original 16GB$1$0
iPhone 3G 8GB$2$0
iPhone 3G 16GB$2$0
iPhone 3GS 8GB$3$0
iPhone 3GS 16GB$3$1
iPhone 3GS 32GB$3$1
iPhone 4 8GB Verizon/Sprint$30$5
iPhone 4 8GB AT&T$50$10
iPhone 4 16GB Verizon/Sprint$35$5
iPhone 4 16GB AT&T$50$10
iPhone 4 32GB Verizon/Sprint$40$5
iPhone 4 32GB AT&T$60$15
iPhone 4S 8GB Verizon/Sprint$70$20
iPhone 4S 8GB AT&T$120$30
iPhone 4S 16GB Verizon/Sprint$75$20
iPhone 4S 16GB AT&T$130$35
iPhone 4S 32GB Verizon/Sprint$85$20
iPhone 4S 32GB AT&T$140$30
iPhone 4S 64GB Verizon/Sprint$90$35
iPhone 4S 64GB AT&T$150$40
iPhone 5 16GB Verizon/Sprint$220$80
iPhone 5 16GB AT&T$190$80
iPhone 5 32GB Verizon/Sprint$225$80
iPhone 5 32GB AT&T$195$80
iPhone 5 64GB Verizon/Sprint$230$80
iPhone 5 64GB AT&T$200$80
iPhone 5C 16GB Verizon$230$90
iPhone 5C 16GB AT&T/Sprint/T-Mobile$200$90
iPhone 5C 32GB Verizon$235$90
iPhone 5C 32GB AT&T/Sprint/T-Mobile$205$90
iPhone 5S 16GB Verizon$330$130
iPhone 5S 16GB AT&T/T-Mobile$280$130
iPhone 5S 16GB Sprint$225$130
iPhone 5S 32GB Verizon$340$130
iPhone 5S 32GB AT&T/T-Mobile$290$130
iPhone 5S 32GB Sprint$235$130
iPhone 5S 64GB Verizon$355$130
iPhone 5S 64GB AT&T/T-Mobile$305$130
iPhone 5S 64GB Sprint$250$130


Apple iPadWorkingBroken
iPad 16GB WiFi$25$5
iPad 16GB WiFi + 3G$35$5
iPad 32GB WiFi$35$5
iPad 32GB WiFi + 3G$45$5
iPad 64GB WiFi$45$5
iPad 64GB WiFi + 3G$55$5
iPad 2 16GB WiFi$125$60
iPad 2 16GB WiFi + 3G Verizon$130$50
iPad 2 16GB WiFi + 3G AT&T$130$50
iPad 2 32GB WiFi$135$50
iPad 2 32GB WiFi + 3G + Verizon$140$50
iPad 2 32GB WiFi + 3G AT&T$140$50
iPad 2 64GB WiFi$145$50
iPad 2 64GB WiFi + 3G Verizon$150$50
iPad 2 64GB WiFi + 3G AT&T$150$50
iPad 3 16GB WiFi$140$60
iPad 3 32GB WiFi$150$60
iPad 3 64GB WiFi$160$60
iPad 3 16GB WiFi + 4G Verizon$145$60
iPad 3 32GB WiFi + 4G Verizon$155$60
iPad 3 64GB WiFi + 4G Verizon$165$60
iPad 3 16GB WiFi + 4G AT&T$145$60
iPad 3 32GB WiFi + 4G AT&T$155$60
iPad 3 64GB WiFi + 4G AT&T$165$60
iPad 4 16GB WiFI$205$75
iPad 4 32GB WiFI$215$75
iPad 4 64GB WiFI$230$75
iPad 4 128GB WiFI$240$75
iPad 4 16GB WiFi + 4G Verizon$190$75
iPad 4 32GB WiFi + 4G Verizon$205$75
iPad 4 64GB WiFi + 4G Verizon$230$75
iPad 4 128GB WiFi + 4G Verizon$260$75
iPad 4 16GB WiFi + 4G Sprint$205$75
iPad 4 32GB WiFi + 4G Sprint$215$75
iPad 4 64GB WiFi + 4G Sprint$230$75
iPad 4 128GB WiFi + 4G Sprint$250$75
iPad 4 16GB WiFi + 4G AT&T$200$75
iPad 4 32GB WiFi + 4G AT&T$215$75
iPad 4 64GB WiFi + 4G AT&T$235$75
iPad 4 128GB WiFi + 4G AT&T$265$75
iPad Mini 32GB WiFi$150$45
iPad Mini 64GB WiFi$170$45
iPad Mini 16GB WiFi + 4G Verizon$135$50
iPad Mini 32GB WiFi + 4G Verizon$155$50
iPad Mini 64GB WiFi + 4G Verizon$170$50
iPad Mini 16GB WiFi + 4G Sprint$140$50
iPad Mini 32GB WiFi + 4G Sprint$155$50
iPad Mini 64GB WiFi + 4G Sprint$170$50
iPad Mini 16GB WiFi + 4G AT&T$150$50
iPad Mini 32GB WiFi + 4G AT&T$165$50
iPad Mini 64GB WiFi + 4G AT&T$180$50
Apple iPodWorkingBroken
iPod Nano 1st Generation$1$0
iPod Nano 2nd Generation$1$0
iPod Nano 3rd Generation$2$0
iPod Nano 4th Generation$3$0
iPod Nano 5th Generation$7$0
iPod Nano 6th Generation$18$1
iPod Nano 7th Generation$20$1
iPod Touch 1st Generation$5$1
iPod Touch 2nd Generation 8GB$10$1
iPod Touch 2nd Generation 16GB$12$1
iPod Touch 2nd Generation 32GB$15$1
iPod Touch 3rd Generation 8GB$5$1
iPod Touch 3rd Generation 16GB$10$1
iPod Touch 3rd Generation 32GB$25$1
iPod Touch 3rd Generation 64GB$40$1
iPod Touch 4th Generation 8GB$35$2
iPod Touch 4th Generation 16GB$45$2
iPod Touch 4th Generation 32GB$54$2
iPod Touch 4th Generation 64GB$65$2
iPod Touch 5th Generation 16GB$60$5
iPod Touch 5th Generation 32GB$68$5
iPod Touch 5th Generation 64GB$75$5
iPod Classic 1st Generation$1$0
iPod Classic 2nd Generation$2$0
iPod Classic 3rd Generation$3$0
iPod Classic 4th Generation$4$0
iPod Classic 5th Generation$12$0
iPod Classic 6th Generation 80GB$15$0
iPod Classic 6th Generation 120GB$20$1
iPod Classic 6th Generation 160GB$25$2
RIM Bold 9000$4$0
RIM Bold 9650$3$1
RIM Bold 9780$3$0
RIM Bold 9900$23$4
RIM Bold 9930$9$2
RIM Bold 9700$3$1
RIM Curve 8520$11$1
RIM Curve 3G 9300$6$1
RIM Curve 9360$11$2
RIM Curve 9370$5$2
RIM Pearl 3G 9100$5$0
RIM Pearl 3G 9105$3$0
RIM Torch 9800$5$0
RIM Torch 9810$8$1
RIM Torch 9850$5$0
RIM Torch 9860$11$2